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We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also deliver on time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where every day counts.



Solve Challenges and Create Solutions

Offshore Installation

Every offshore installation depends on weather limits. Using advanced analysis techniques, we are able to either push the limits or allow for reduction of structural requirements.

O&M Optimization

Costs for O&M operations are always subject for improvement. We offer advance statistical analysis methods combining annual metocean conditions with vessel response characteristics estimating downtime and optimizing hire options.

Metocean Data

Depending on available sources for your project location we support you with statistical analysis of metocean time series histories providing weather window statistics and annual extreme environmental conditions.

Naval Architecture

Our services range from draft surveys and inclining tests over seakeeping analyses, stability assessments and resistance calculations to taking care of your vessel documentation.

Sea Transport

We determine motion and acceleration amplitudes of your sea transport depending on the sea conditions. Loads acting on valuable cargo pieces and their seafastenings as well as transport fatigue damage can be identified also.

Mooring Analyses

Stationkeeping / mooring operations are the most common offshore operations given an unlimited number of combinations. We assist in finding the most economic solution with regard to your requirements.

Offshore Wind

A wide range of experience in substation design, floating and fixed offshore wind as well as corresponding T&I concepts will add significant value to your offshore wind project.

T&I Equipment Design

We develop client-specific equipment designed for your operation, including lifting equipment, grillages, sea-fastenings and foundations. Design loads are determined in-house and directly applied from hydrodynamic analyses.

Marine Renewables

Knowing the motion behaviour and loads acting on marine renewable systems such as floating photovoltaik (PV) and (floating) tidal energy plants enables our customers to optimize structural and stationkeeping design.

Wave Energy

Understanding motions response and generator characteristics do allow for an efficient structural design as well as for an optimized energy yield at given local metocean statistics.


Our experience in decommissioning, large wreck removal projects and salvage concept engineering for various casualties combined with our advanced analysis options will help you finding a competitive and safe removal solution.

Cable and Pipe Lay

Cable bending, tension and compression loads are important with respect to the integrity of an offshore power cable. Application of modern engineering methods ensures maximum workability and thus reduces risk of downtimes. Our analysis portfolio also covers cable pull-in operations.


We work in partnership with experts in the marine industry

Offshore Wind
Turbine Experts

Working with experts in aerodynamics, controller design, turbine optimization and windfarm layout optimization.


For on-site surveillance we work together with welding engineers and FROSIO coating inspectors.


Providing a network of specifically experienced project manager roles in the erection of offshore wind parks.



Coworking with experts focused on inspecting cargo as well as installation and special purpose ships.



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